I am pleased to announce a new service LaFollette Custom Homes will be providing in our effort to bring you the best home design, construction and maintenance in the marketplace. Beginning this spring—yes, spring is actually here despite the snow on the ground—we will be offering a home service program to help you keep your home looking and functioning its best. LaFollette Home Services will provide you with the same level of expertise and detail that we apply to large projects, but on a smaller scale. I am loathe to use the word “handyman” because that really does imply that work on one’s home isn’t very important and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I often get calls from clients stating that they “hate to bother me” but they need to have some doors hung, their deck fixed or drywall repaired. I love to send my team out on these jobs because I know that they will use the same care and skill to complete little jobs as they would a new addition. My goal is to take the worry of home ownership away and ensure that you have time to enjoy your beautiful home. Some of the home services we can provide are:

New Decks—we will design a deck to complement your home—not create a wooden eyesore.

Window Replacement—replace outdated windows with affordable and stylistically appropriate versions.

New Doors—we hang and replace new doors to fit the style and function of your home.

Drywall Repairs—we will patch drywall and you will never know it was patched!

Painting—a good paint job is extremely important and can make a world of difference. From custom decorative paint to color selection and application, we can help.

Hardscape—make better use of your outdoors with a new patio or walkway with creative updates.

Every job that LaFollette takes on is equally important and is treated in the same professional manner. You won’t have to worry about smoking on the job, cursing, loud music, unfinished work or a lack of quality. My crew knows what I expect on each and every job and they don’t disappoint.

Contact our office and I will gladly see what we can do to ease your worries and make sure your home is in tip-top shape.

Steve Eyke,

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