Our Philosophy

Lafollette Custom Homes Design Philosophy

LaFollette believes in…

Working within early established budgets

We do like large-budget projects, but we frequently tailor our services and our clients’ designs to meet any established budget. Being architects and builders, we have the experience and expertise to give you early initial cost estimates which allow you to expand or reduce your scope of work so finances are met.

Employing small-scale detail

With detailing, we believe it is necessary to have a balance between too much and too little. We consider the stark emptiness of modern architecture to be sterile, but we also think overly decorated details are gaudy, and can be very costly.

Building green through common sense

The most ecological buildings are the ones that are already built. Our extensive experience as renovation contractors has given us a large catalog of projects that were changed to address an owner’s needs over time. We have many clients who are repeat customers; retaining us for multiple projects as their families grow and their needs change.

Careful material selection and application

The most economical buildings are the ones that are built to last. The latest and greatest materials are seldom time tested before they are brought to market. We believe the use of natural materials, despite the higher initial cost, will last longer if applied with the proper technique. The feelings that are generated when viewing wood siding verses vinyl or real stone as compared to synthetic are dramatic. Those feelings ground us to our environment and have intrinsic value. However we are not above the use of synthetics products were they make economic and aesthetic sense.


Everyone who works with our organization who provides services to our clients is expected to share our core values of honesty and respect. It is these values that have lead to our reputation of Integrity(uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles).

Honesty: When it comes to your money, we work hard to earn it. No one cares for over priced product or services more than we do. We are always looking for better ways to serve our clients with professional products that are reasonably priced.

Although we are proud of or services we can make mistakes. If we do, we are straight forward with our approach, we own it. Our clients can feel comfort in the knowledge that we will repair any irregularities professionally.

Respect: Everyone has different backgrounds, world views and sensitivities. As a company it is our goal to respect those differences and to provide you with the best overall design-build experience possible.

Education: We stay up-to-date on the latest building technologies and innovations. Our staff are trained to ensure that your project meets or exceeds our exacting standards.

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