Carpentry Incorporated

In respect for the carpentry trade, I have decided to add a new service to LaFollette Custom Homes. Carpentry Incorporated takes our best talent that we use on our custom projects and makes those individuals available for small projects and service work. Highly trained and highly educated in their craft. All of your professional services in one […]

Architecture and The Green Movement

I have been frustrated with the lack of awareness concerning the value of “Green Technologies” in the construction industry. Everyone wants to know if the products they are using are “Green”. A whole industry has emerged that instructs us (architects, builders and contractors) on the principles of green building. State and Federal agencies spending public […]

Custom isn’t custom anymore

I have often considered removing the word “custom” from the company name. It has become a standard slogan to be “custom” in the construction industry. If you are a builder who builds in a plated sub-division and offer variations to your standard floor plan, are you a custom builder? If you are a builder who […]