Waltz/Smith Residence-Historic Renovation and Reproduction

Waltz/Smith Residence Tower

Style: Queen Anne Folk
Service: Kitchen addition with second level bathroom

This turn of the century home was purchased by two university professors who loved its historic charm and proximity to downtown. LaFollette was hired to renovate and expand the existing property while maintaining its original charm. The projects were staggered over a four year period and included:

  • Front porch renovation
  • Bay window addition
  • New interior stairway to second floor
  • Kitchen addition with second floor master bath (tower)

Eyke Residence-Historic Reproduction

Eyke Residence Front of House

Architectural Style: Italianate
Service: Whole house Historic Reproduction

Originally built in 1870, this four square farm home stood for years as the residence for farming families. After some time the old girl fell into disrepair and suffered from the affects of improper maintenance, neglect and aging materials.

The property was purchased in 1990 by the Eyke’s who saw the homes hidden potential. The original exterior had modest detailing typical of the budgets available to most farming families of the time. The homes ten foot ceilings and proximity to local schools and downtown businesses were the only features that saved it from the wrecking ball.

LaFollette Custom Homes, owner Steven Eyke, produced an overall design for the renovations that took over ten years to fully complete. Work was completed when time and finances were available. The trick here was to complete projects one at a time without having to go back to the drawing board. The projects were staggered in such a way that allowed the family to stay in the home. In the end not one element of the home was left untouched.

The new design for the homes exterior is “Italianate”. Italianate architecture had its roots in the English “picturesque” movement and was common in the United States from 1840 to 1895.