Small House Design

I have been advocating for years the benefit of small house design and construction. From personal experience I have seen how efficient, cost effective and social a smaller home can be.

We have a 1,200 square foot lake cottage and a 3,500 square foot home. No one in our family would trade the cottage for our home. For our children its the lake of course, but for my wife and I we are generally less stressed there. The small home is quick to clean up, the yard work is straight forward and we love the fact that the kids cannot retreat into their bedrooms.

We recently remodeled our cottage and were able to afford high quality finishes as the size of the project was small. We reconfigured the layout to make good use of visuals vistas to the outside, opened the floor plan and added another bathroom.

The point is I believe that we are over housed in standard housing with standard finishes with poor use of space. I know as I have been doing sales calls in local homes for almost 30 years. So if you want to “down size” give us a call or if you want to build a “Not So Big House” we can help.