Gourmet Kitchen Design

Gourmet kitchens do not have to be large to inspire the chef in you. We design kitchens that are efficient, convenient and exciting. Fine cabinetry with precise detailing and useful amenities will make your kitchen the center piece of your home.

New Homes

We think "out of the box" when it comes to new home design. Why have a large uninspired home when you can afford a modestly smaller home full of architectural character. Kitchen can be "master pieces", studies can be "reflective" and bedrooms can have cozy spaces. Trust our experience to design your home in all its aspects including its exterior architectural style.

Renovations & Additions

Our background allows us the ability to identify the style of your existing home. Unless you are planning a "whole house renovation" we believe any addition or alteration should compliment your existing home. Since most homes seldom reflect a "pure" architectural style, it is important to understand the architectural components that comprise your homes character. Once understood you will feel more comfortable as we guide you in your selection process.

Architectural Design Services

Steve Eyke has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Ninety-five percent of what we build has been designed by Steve Eyke. Browse through our photos and you will see the timeless quality and design that we are known for.

Carpentry Incorporated

In respect for the carpentry trade, I have decided to add a new service to LaFollette Custom Homes. Carpentry Incorporated takes our best talent that we use on our custom projects and makes those individuals available for small projects and service work. Highly trained and highly educated in their craft. All of your professional services in one place.