I have always had dogs in my life.  Loyal, obedient if well trained, in need of attention and full of love.  They essence of a dog is very similar to life.  Here is how their behaviors line up with ours:


Loyal:  We are very loyal to our employees and sub contractors.  They are not perfect as they are human.  We have long standing relationships, some going back 20+ years.  These strong relationships make them part of our family and that family takes care of your family.

Obedient:  The key here is "well trained".  We do not accept people into our family that do not posses the skills to deliver a high quality product and a friendly atmosphere while they are in your home.

Attention:  Ok!  I'll have to admit it be we love to see happy faces on happy clients.  We work with our hands.  The products we produce are very personal to us.  We appreciate the admirations we receive.

Love:  Most of our jobs are from referral or repeat customers.  There has to be a little love in there to put up with us 2 or 3 times.